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Terracotta Restoration Northallerton

Updated: Apr 8, 2023

We will be restoring this terracotta floor for a couple in Northallerton in March:

Our Clients Enquiry:

We were contacted by a lovely couple on Northallerton who are fed up with their terracotta flooring. They can no longer get it looking clean and are fed up of it looking dull and dirty....


terracotta cleaning Northallerton

terracotta cleaning Northallerton


Our Solution:

After taking a good look at their terracotta floor it was evident there is a build up of old seals and cleaning residues that need removing. We will using advanced stripping agents combined with honing powder and silicon carbide pads to remove the old seals and dirt. Once dry we will be sealing the floor correctly with a premium colour enhancing, impregnating sealant.


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