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Sandstone Hearth Restoration Driffield

Updated: Apr 8, 2023

We Will Be Restoring This Sandstone Hearth In March:

Our Customer's Enquiry:

We were approached by a lady in Driffield who is struggling to keep her sandstone hearth looking its best. Over time is has been contaminated with carbon from the log burner and is now looking very dull and is not easy too maintain.

Our Process:

We will be applying a carbon reducing product and then heavily agitating the stone with a silicone carbide rotary brush. After leaving the product to dwell for around 20 minutes the stone will be rinsed at high pressure taking away the soiling. The sandstone will then be neutralised and sealed with the appropriate sealant to help future maintenance.



This project has now been completed successfully, our customer is over the moon with the results. Now you can see the natural colours of the sandstone as it is no longer covered in carbon soiling from their log burner,

Before any work was carried out, the whole area was fully protected as seen below.

sandstone cleaning york

The stone is now fully restored as shown below. This is during the drying stage so some areas are darker than they were once fully dry. A fantastic result as you can see.

sandstone cleaning york


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