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Professional carpet cleaning
professional carpet cleaning

Fresh Air

Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning

Extremely Fast Drying Times
Friendly, Professional, Trusted, Local, And Family Run Business
Pet Treatment
Odour Elimination
Advanced Stain Treatment
Long Lasting Stain Protection


Carpet Cleaning Services


Tadcaster's Most Thorough and Fast Drying Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning Company. Based In York But Also Covering Most Of Yorkshire.

Welcome, my name is Joe, owner and operator of Fresh Air Carpet and Upholstery cleaning. We are your local, trusted, family run business specialising in professional carpet & upholstery cleaning. We are proud to be using the best equipment and working to the highest standards in the carpet cleaning industry. Professionally cleaning carpets in both commercial and domestic properties we strive to provide our service with absolute professionalism whilst delivering outstanding results.

At every job, large or small we will go the extra distance to ensure 100% customer satisfaction is achieved.

carpet cleaning company
carpet cleaning company
carpet cleaning
carpet cleaning
carpet cleaning york
Carpet cleaning company

Why use our professional carpet cleaning service....?

Having your carpets and upholstery cleaned by a true professional brings many benefits to your home, family, and pets. Here are a few:

Allergens, bacteria, and other unwelcome intruders are destroyed by professional carpet cleaning.
Carpet cleaning will vastly improve your homes appearance.
Professional carpet cleaning will eliminate foul odours.
Vastly improve the lifespan of your carpet. Dirt and other contaminates will cause your carpets to wear far quicker.
Far superior stain removal.
Clean carpets set the right impression with potential clients.
Extremely fast drying times.
Professional carpet cleaning equipment is far superior to DIY rentals.
 Carpet cleaning can Increase the value of your property.

Keeping you safe during Covid

  • Masks, gloves, and feet covers worn at all times.

  • All touch points disinfected.

  • 2 meter distancing.

  • All equipment, sanitised and thoroughly cleaned after each job.

Why not try to clean my own carpets?

Carpet Cleaners
carpet cleaning york

Tadcaster Carpet Cleaning Company

Here at Fresh Air Carpet & Upholstery we are your local carpet cleaning experts. We clean carpets in a wide variety of businesses and homes In Tadcaster and the surrounding areas. We professionally clean carpets in homes, pubs, clubs, offices, restaurants and hotels. Using our professional carpet cleaning services in Tadcaster will ensure you’ll get fantastic results every time. We do this using a mixture of dry cleaning and hot water extraction methods to remove deep-down dirt effectively. It is important for any business or home to have their carpets professionally cleaned every 12-18 months. Aside from the obvious benefits of removing and protecting against any stains, it will get rid of any smells, dirt or allergens trapped in the fibres. After all, we all like to make sure our home or business looks at its best for any visitors.

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Commercial Carpet Cleaning

Fully Insured Carpet Cleaning

In Tadcaster 

Our carpet cleaning team in Tadcaster are fully trained and insured specifically for professional carpet cleaning services and will be happy to move and replace any movable furniture from the area to be cleaned. We will leave you not only with a smile on your face and respect you and your property, but also with a free pair of shoe covers so you don't get any foot prints on your nice clean carpets!

carpet clean .jpg

Residential Carpet Cleaning

Fully Trained, Insured, and Uniformed
100% Satisfaction Guarantee
You And Your Home Will Be Treated With The Upmost Respect
Eco, Pet & Child Friendly
Advanced methods
Friendly, Local, And Professional Family Run Business
Carpet cleaning
carpet cleaning company
Carpet Cleaning

"I continue to be pleased and grateful for the great work you did for me in bringing my very tired carpets back to looking look like new again."

The Right Reverend ✠Glyn Webster, Bishop of Beverley
Carpet cleaning

"No problem Joe, I can’t recommend the work enough so I’ll be sure to keep spreading the word"

Tim O’Mara

Lettings Manager   Hudson Moody

We work for a number of regular clients both domestic and commercial, here are a few:

Professional carpet cleaning
carpet cleaning
Carpet cleaning
carpet cleaning
carpet cleaning
carpet cleaner
Carpet cleaning
carpet cleaning
carpet cleaner
carpet cleaner
carpet cleaning
Carpet cleaning

Our Professional Carpet Cleaning Process

Step 1

Pre- vacuum: This step is crucial. We use the most powerful vacuum cleaners in the industry to suck up any loose dirt from your carpets. These vacuums are substantially more powerful than your home machines and clean much deeper into the pile.

Step 2

Pre-Spray: Next up we mix a pre-spray solution for your specific carpet type and the soiling needing to be cleaned. This is sprayed onto your carpets and left a few minutes to dwell. We only use eco friendly products, all of which are pet and child safe.

Where other will charge more, we include deodorizing in all of our services at no extra charge. 

Step 3

Agitation: This is a step skipped by many companies who either don't have appropriate training or simply don't offer a professional service. i.e. your " 3 rooms for £50" kind of people.

Here we use a crb ( counter rotating brush) machine to mix the cleaning solution deep into the carpet pile. This makes a huge difference to the end result. These machines alone cost more than most actual carpet cleaning machines the low end " professionals" use.

Step 4

Stain treatment: Now we move onto to treating any stains using specific solutions. We have special chemicals for a variety of situations including, pet urine, tea & coffee, paint, rust, crayon, makeup, blue-tac, beer, red wine, and many more.

Step 5

Steam clean and extraction: Now the fun part... We now extract the dirt and stains from your carpets using the best machines money can buy. Jets of steam are fired into your carpet pile under controlled pressure at temperatures of up to 110 degrees Celsius (depending on the fabric type).

This is then extracted out by the immensely powerful  vacuum motors, leaving your carpet beautifully cleaned, fresh, and sanitised. Not to mention dry within an hour in most circumstances.

During this phase, many cleaning companies will use just water...This is not adequate and here is why. Most of the dirt in your carpets will be acid based. Therefore most cleaning solutions are alkali based as this breaks down the bond between the dirt and fabric. If just water is used your carpet will not be left ph. neutral. This can cause a number of issues and damage to your carpets over time such as browning, or discolouration. We use a solution at this phase that counteracts this and ensures your carpets and upholstery are left ph. neutral.

Setting The Standard For Carpet Cleaners 

carpet cleaning
carpet cleaning
carpet cleaning
carpet cleaning

We cover  York ( 20 mile radius), Harrogate, parts of Leeds, Tadcaster, Boston Spa, Easingwold, Selby, and  Wetherby. As well as many other areas in North Yorkshire.

Carpet cleaning york
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