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Why not clean your own carpets

"We Are The Highest Rated Floor Restoration Company With The Most 5* Google Reviews In North & East Yorkshire For A Reason"

"Our Company Ethos Is Integrity, Personality, And The Highest Standards in The Industry"

Stone & Tile Cleaning/Restoraion

Welcome to Fresh Air Floorcare, your trusted partner for all your stone and tile restoration needs. We provide top-quality stone floor cleaning and restoration services to our esteemed clients, and we believe that we are the best company for the job. In this post, we'll explain why it's essential to choose a professional restoration company for your stone and tile flooring needs, and why Fresh Air Floorcare is the best choice for you.

Firstly, let's talk about the risks of using a cheap restoration company. Cheap companies may use sub-standard equipment, low-quality cleaning products, and untrained staff, which can cause permanent damage to your stone flooring. They may also use harsh chemicals that can etch the surface of your stone, leaving it looking dull and lifeless. This damage can be irreversible, and you may end up having to replace your stone flooring earlier than you would have, which can be costly.

At Fresh Air Floorcare, we understand the value of your stone flooring, and we believe in providing our clients with the best restoration services possible. We use top-of-the-range equipment and products to ensure that your stone flooring is restored to its former glory. Our staff is highly trained and experienced, and they have the knowledge and expertise needed to restore any type of stone flooring.

We take pride in our commitment to quality, transparency, and customer satisfaction. Our business is built on integrity and high standards, and we believe in providing our clients with exceptional service. We respect our customers and their homes, and we take all the necessary precautions to ensure that your property is safe in our hands.

When it comes to choosing a stone and tile restoration company, trust is crucial. You want to choose a company that you can rely on to provide you with the best services possible. At Fresh Air Floorcare, we have the most 5-star Google reviews in North and East Yorkshire, which is a testament to our commitment to quality and customer satisfaction. We take pride in providing our clients with exceptional service, and we strive to exceed their expectations every time.

In conclusion, when it comes to stone and tile restoration, don't compromise on quality. Choose Fresh Air Floorcare, and you can be confident that your stone flooring will be restored to its former glory. Our commitment to quality, transparency, and customer satisfaction sets us apart from other restoration companies in the area. Get in touch with us today to schedule your restoration service, or ask any questions you may have.

Carpet And Upholstery Cleaning

Cheaper Doesn't Mean Better Value......

Any carpet cleaner who charges a fee for their work is regarded as being a professional. Therefore, there can be a world of difference between different levels of knowledge and competence between one professional carpet cleaner and another.

There are many tradesmen and public alike who regard our work as “just cleaning”. This could not be further from the truth.

At the lowest level, an enterprising individual may purchase a low power entry level cleaning machine and a little detergent. Some uncaring individuals have been known to purchase a domestic quality retail machine and use laundry detergents! 
A true carpet cleaning professional will have been trained to identify carpets and fibres, how to prevent carpets from shrinking or rucking, how to complete three different tests for dye problems, how to identify stain types, how to clean different fibres safely along with how to rectify cleaning problems that may have been created by previous cleaners. The cleaning process will involve up to eight or maybe more different procedures. In a nutshell, a true professional carpet cleaner will work to the nationally recognised British Standard’s PAS86 carpet cleaning standard. 

After the house and car, floor coverings and lounge suite are the most expensive purchases in the typical home. It pays to care for them in the best way possible.

All businesses are obliged by law to carry both Public Liability and Employers Liability (if appropriate) insurance. A caring, true professional carpet cleaner will also carry Product and Treatment Liability and maybe Professional Indemnity too, to protect their customers should the worst happen and for some reason the item being worked on becomes damaged.

As I hope you will now appreciate, in order to provide customers with the best and safest clean that will not cause more rapid re-soiling, and with the reassurance of experience, knowledge and proper training, a true professional carpet cleaner will need to charge slightly higher fees than "cowboy" companies to cover the legal and essential requirements of running a successful and professional business.

Price and value/cost are different. Can you really afford to base your purchasing decision on which carpet cleaner is the cheapest?

Why not just do it my self and rent a machine?

I am going to start off by saying what a shame it is that large companies on the tv mislead the public into believing they can accomplish a truly clean carpet with their products. There is a reason our machine costs £5000+ and is for trained personnel only.

There is much more to carpet cleaning than simply putting some detergent in a machine and moving it over your carpet.


Rental and domestic machines are at least 15 times less powerful than even an entry level professional piece of equipment ( we use the industry leading machine). 

Less vacuum power =

  • Far longer drying times.( Up to days)

  • The risk of the carpet shrinking.

  • Fowl odours developing.

  • Wick back ( where dirt is left in the bottom of the pile and rises to the surface as it is drying).

  • Chemicals being left in the carpet, causing permanent harm to the carpet it self as well as being harm full to anyone in the environment.  

Less water pressure and lower temperature =


  • Less soiling is rinsed out of your carpet.

  • Chemicals can be left in the pile.

  • Natural grease and other contaminates are not broken down.

Incorrect chemicals used =

  • Permanent damage to your carpets. Many chemicals in the shops contain oxidants ( bleach).

  • Your carpets will not be left in a PH neutral state.

  • Detergents left in the carpet will attract dirt, in turn meaning your carpets will be dirty again far quicker.( A matter of days).

  • Stains won't be removed properly. 

  • Dye can run, in turn causing permanent damage.

Should you really clean your own carpets?

Have you really thought seriously about cleaning your own carpets? Does the cost, risk and results really give a saving over the fees of a trained and experienced carpet cleaning professional?

Below are just some of the reasons why you should employ a professional cleaner.

To hire a machine, first you must drive to the store, in a suitable vehicle, and be able to load and unload, a heavy, cumbersome machine into your car. It may require two people and it may also leak water everywhere if it cannot be stood upright.

You must buy some cleaning detergents. Pre-cleaner, different types of spot and stain removers, rinsing detergents, de-foamer and maybe de-odourisers. The cost is rising quickly above the basic hire charge as advertised. For wool carpets, you may require different detergents and these may not be good enough to clean, for example, polypropylene. But if you use the wrong detergent on wool, you may cause permanent fibre and/or dye damage.

When you arrive home, after unloading everything, you spend the next hour reading the instructions for using the machine and then the labels on all of the chemical products learning what to use when and how much to mix. Do you get frustrated, forget about measuring and then just “glug” the chemicals into the machine? Bad idea. Too little and standards will be low. Too much and you produce more foam in the vacuum tank, use more de-foamer and the carpets will re-soil more rapidly.

Before you start cleaning, you have to move out breakables, delicates and anything that could be damaged by water, move as much furniture out as possible. Not an easy task and, without proper handling and lifting techniques, could easily lead to personal injury.

Now you are ready to go. Vacuum the carpets with your own vacuum cleaner. Get the water as hot as you can, mix your detergent, pour it into the machine. The pre-cleaner for heavy soiled areas will be in a hand trigger spray bottle. Do you know how much to use? A bit less? A bit more? Can you remember exactly what this spot and that stain was? How long it’s been there? What did you do at the time of the spillage? Do you need to neutralise the chemicals you used? Did you bleach the stain and/or the carpet dye? (The term “Oxy” on a product refers to a bleach used for cleaning). Did you blot the stain or rub it? Or even scrubbed it? Too much agitation will burst the pile or fray the carpet/rug. Professional cleaners can agitate in different ways without causing pile damage.

Now you start the machine. Should you move it quicker for a dryer carpet or slower for a cleaner carpet? On the stairs, is the hose long enough to reach the top? Did you remember to pay extra for the hand tool so that you could clean the stairs?

You are part way through your first room and the water in the machine is now cold. Do you continue with less efficient cleaning or change the water for fresh hot water? Wasted chemicals and more cost.

Manufacturers will claim really rapid drying times achieved in ideal conditions. Your home is not an ideal situation. Your carpets are soiled greater and differently to those in the laboratory. Drying times will be extended significantly. Several days to completely dry are not unusual, often accompanied by a musty odour!

During this longer than expected drying time, the house is still being used. People are walking on your cleaner carpets and, because they are still wet, they will attract more soil from the shoes and slippers of the family as they go back and forth. Let’s hope that they don’t slip when they walk from the wet carpets onto the hard kitchen floor.

Because you have cleaned in an unfamiliar way, maybe using too much chemical, maybe over-wetting the carpet, the residues will stick to your childrens’ knees, socks, hands or to the feet or fur of your pets. Are they sensitive to these chemicals? Will they break out in a rash or worse?

In spite of the claims that I’ve seen made by various manufacturers, the chemicals they supply fall well short of premium quality professional products and tend to be formulated to create greater usage. Use more, pay more, clean more often paying yet more again.

Oh, and don’t forget to return the machine back to the store on time or there may be a penalty charge!

So, what has been the real cost of cleaning your own carpet? What is your time worth? What was the real cost of all of the chemicals and how much is left over or wasted? Are the left-overs safe to keep? Has your furniture caused permanent rust or dye stains on the wet carpet?

Don’t think that if anything goes wrong your home insurance will protect you. Most will explicitly exclude any damage caused by any cleaning process.

Now you may be thinking “I need to have my carpets professionally cleaned”

A professional carpet cleaner will use more powerful industrial quality equipment and eco-friendly cleaning solutions sourced from plants or food grade ingredients. They will be able to recognise the type of construction and installation of the carpets and test to identify the fibres used. He will be able to remove more stains more successfully than a typical home owner could ever imagine. He will be able to achieve cleaner results, quicker with much shorter drying times, measured in hours rather than days.

Does your family deserve safe, clean carpets?

Can you really afford to Do-It-Your-Self?

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