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Terracotta Floor Restoration Pickering

Updated: Jul 5, 2023

We will be restoring this terracotta floor in Pickering for a lovely new client:


terracotta floor cleaning pickering


Our clients concern:

We were contacted by a lovely customer in Pickering who are in the middle of having their kitchen refurbished. They were considering having a new floor installed but were reluctant to get rid go their once beautiful terracotta floor.After we went and carried out a small demonstration of how we could restore their floor they booked in right away.


Our Solution:

We will be stripping out all the old seal present in the floor using a rotary device combined with silicone carbide and honing powders. This will then reveal the original terracotta flooring.

The floor will then be sealed with a premium impregnating, colour enhancing seal. This will bring out the natural colours in the floor and help to maintain it's beauty for many years to come.


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