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Limestone Restoration In Darlington

Updated: Jul 5, 2023

We will be restoring this Limestone floor for a lovely customer in Darlington In April.

Pictures Of The Floor To Be Restored:


This Project has now been completed ... Take a look by clicking here

Limestone cleaning

Limestone Cleaning

Our Customers Concerns:

We had a phone call from a distressed customer who could not get their floor clean and now had cracks appear. After reassuring her there is no need to replace the floor we put together a quotation to first carry out a professional strip, clean and seal on their soon to be beautiful Limestone floor. Once clean we will be returning to carry out the repairs on the cracks using premium level resins giving a permanent fix to the present damage.

In this instance the client did mention wanting a shine putting on the stone... this is not an issue but we did explain that this would involve grinding then polishing the stone which would increase the cost and project time. Instead of trying to upsell this it was our recommendation to have the floor professionally cleaned, sealed, and the pores tightened using a fine grit diamond impregnated pad. This will add a slight shine to the Limestone and help future day to day maintenance without having a financial impact on the project.

The Process:

We will first be going to the property to strip any old seals from the floor, carry out a deep alkaline rotary clean, then condition the stone with the correct sealant - a premium impregnating seal that will help protect the stone and grout from staining. Limestone contains calcium so it is very important no acidic products are used - something many companies over look and intern cause damage.

Once the stone has been professionally cleaned and sealed we will then put together a plan to carry out the repairs necessary. This will then be carried out in June.


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