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Victorian Tile Restoration York

"We recently restored this victorian tiled entrance in York.."


"This victorian floor and seen much better days and was causing its' owners a lot of stress. It had previously been covered for 20+ years and was victim to significant damp issues."

victorian tile restoration York


We started out by protecting all the areas surrounding the floor to prevent any over spray during the restoration process.

  • The next phase was to strip any old sealants from he floor using a premium - non caustic stripper.

  • To follow this we used an advanced rotary device combined with silicon carbide tooling to thoroughly clean the tiled areas.

  • Once completed we then wen ton to clean the floor again with a honing powder and acidic solution, this is to take out any further soiling whilst getting rid of alkaline salts that's can cause unsightly white patches.



The next stage was to leave the floor to fully dry out - as Victorian tiles are so porous, they may look and feel dry but it is important to be certain so the floor was left for three days on total.

victorian tile cleaning york


On our return we sealed the victorian tile with a premium colour enhancing impregnating sealant. We chose this as an impregnating seal allows the floor to breath. If a topical seal had been used it would trap all the moisture in the tile which in the future would potentially cause problems. Now as any minerals etc rise to the surface of the floor they can simply be wiped away and the floor can continue to look its best for many years to come. Unfortunately due to an ongoing damp issue for many years the grout had decayed in many areas so will always look dark.. Nether the less the flooring looked a million times better and the home owners were thrilled.

Do you have a Victorian tiled floor you would like restoring ?

We have the most 5* reviews in North, South , And East Yorkshire and it would be our pleasure to help....


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