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Terracotta Restoration Pickering

"We recently completed restoring this beautiful terracotta floor in Pickering, North Yorkshire..:


We Have The Most 5* Reviews In North Yorkshire...


terracotta floor cleaning


"This job was a real challenge as there were years of old sealants present that needed removing before any cleaning could take place....

Below you can see the small test area we carried out to make sure we progressed with the most efficient and effective products.."


terracotta cleaning


" Once we had established that the old seals on the terracotta floor contained polyethylene we knew we needed to treat the floor with a dedicated stripper.. On this occasion we decided to use Solvex LTP... A very effective solution as it has a thick constancy - this prevents it evaporating from floor before it has chance to react with the contaminants. It is also purposely designed to break down polyethylene - something many other strippers struggle with. All this whilst being non caustic..."


" The grout is still drying in the pictures hence the patchiness "

terracotta floor restoration


"Once stripped and fully cleaned we then proceeded to seal the terracotta with a premium colour enhancing impregnating sealant..

Needless to say the customer was over the moon with the work carried out.."


terracotta floor restoration


Not to forget the lovely friend we made ....

terracotta floor cleaners

Do you have a terracotta floor or any other type of stone floor you would like restoring?


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